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Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $0 - $1

6.0: AMBO : Ambow Education Holding Ltd. American Depository Shares each representing two Class A ordinary shares : ~ Price 0.2799
Ambow Education Holding Ltd. is a leading national provider of educational and career enhancement services in China, offering high-quality, individualized services and products. With its extensive network of regional service hubs complemented by a dynamic proprietary learning platform and distributors, Ambow provides its services and products to students in 15 out of the 34 provinces and autonomous regions within China.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 11.185:35.0:4

4.0: QRTEA : Qurate Retail Inc. Series A Common Stock : ~ Price 0.7997
Qurate Retail, Inc. operates and owns interests in a broad range of digital commerce businesses. Qurate Retail, Inc.'s businesses and assets consist of QVC (and its subsidiaries, including HSN), Zulily and the Cornerstone Brands (collectively, the Qurate Retail Group) as well as various green energy and other investments.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 4.175:2.0:6

4.0: AGFY : Agrify Corporation Common Stock : ~ Price 0.30
Agrify Corporation is a developer of premium grow solutions for the indoor agriculture marketplace. Agrify uses data, science, and technology to empower its customers to be more efficient, more productive, and more intelligent about how they run their businesses. Its highly advanced and proprietary hardware and software solutions have been designed to help its customers achieve the highest quality, consistency, and yield, all at the lowest possible cost.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.034:7.0:5

4.0: ACST : Acasti Pharma Inc. Class A Common Stock : ~ Price 0.479
Acasti is a biopharmaceutical innovator that has historically focused on the research, development and commercialization of prescription drugs using OM3 fatty acids delivered both as free fatty acids and bound-to-phospholipid esters, derived from krill oil. OM3 fatty acids have extensive clinical evidence of safety and efficacy in lowering triglycerides in patients with hypertriglyceridemia, or HTG. CaPre, an OM3 phospholipid therapeutic, was being developed for patients with severe HTG.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.469:4.0:5

Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $1 - $5
List of Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $1 - $5
Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $5 - $10
List of Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $5 - $10
Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $10 - $50
List of Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $10 - $50
Curiosity Stock Price range: $50 - $100
List of Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $50 - $100


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