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Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $0 - $1
List of Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $0 - $1
Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $1 - $5
List of Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $1 - $5
Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $5 - $10
List of Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $5 - $10
Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $10 - $50

4.0: AFRI : Forafric Global PLC Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 10.96

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 14.890:1.0:1

4.0: BDL : Flanigan's Enterprises Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 25.44
Flanigan’s is a laidback family-run restaurant anchored by a commitment to exceptional food and drink, warm hospitality, great value, and good fun. A beloved South Florida institution since 1959, the Flanigan’s name is pretty much synonymous with good times. Flanigan’s welcomes guests from near and far every day of the year, serving continuously from lunch to late night. \r \r The founding vision of Joe “Big Daddy” Flanigan – a come one, come all, home-away-from-home for friends old and new – is alive and well today. Over the years, Flanigan’s evolved from popular Big Daddy’s lounges and liquor stores into a group of over 20 restaurants. An appreciation for shared meals with family and friends is at the heart of the Flanigan’s experience.\r \r Flanigan’s is very much a local neighborhood spot, and we exist to serve each community in which we make our home. The design of our bars and restaurants is all about the island vibes and saltwater adventures that reflect our deep South Florida roots. Our walls are lined with memories of family and friends playing in their natural nautical element – fishing, diving, beaching, and boating.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 36.321:1.0:2

4.0: PTR : PetroChina Company Limited Common Stock : ~ Price 47.87

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 48.768:1.0:5

4.0: BVFL : BV Financial Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 11.8601
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 11.897:1.0:1

3.0: TEKKU : Tekkorp Digital Acquisition Corp. Unit : ~ Price 10.02
TEKKORP DIGITAL is a blank check company created to acquire and unlock the value of businesses poised for growth in the digital media, sports, entertainment, leisure and/or gaming ecosystems, by coupling transformative expertise with access to the deepest, most liquid public capital markets in the world.\r \r Acquisition by a blank check company with a management team that has sectoral pre-eminence in nurturing and leading growth businesses, the company believes, provides a transparent and efficient alternative to bring private companies to the public markets where they can benefit from increasing awareness, a more liquid acquisition currency and greater diversification of funding sources and access to capital.\r \r Its management team of seasoned industry leaders has an unrivalled track record in building, investing, nurturing, acquiring and leading digital companies across digital sports, entertainment and gaming industries. With vast experience, and a deep network of long-standing relationships, the company is uniquely positioned to identify and evaluate target businesses for whom its expertise, and a public listing will have metamorphic impact.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 11.800:1.0:1

3.0: AMCIU : AMCI Acquisition Corp. II Units : ~ Price 10.04

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 14.576:1.0:2

3.0: ACQR : Independence Holdings Corp. Class A Ordinary Share : ~ Price 10.19

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 10.910:1.0:2

3.0: PXSAP : Pyxis Tankers Inc. 7.75% Series A Cumulative Convertible Preferred Shares : ~ Price 23.82

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 23.070:1.0:2

3.0: AFAC : Arena Fortify Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock : ~ Price 10.24

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 11.078:1.0:2

3.0: QRTEP : Qurate Retail Inc. 8.0% Fixed Rate Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock : ~ Price 35.34

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 33.900:1.0:3

3.0: UBOH : United Bancshares Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 19.65
United Bancshares, Inc. is the holding company for The Union Bank Company, Citizens Bank of Delphos, and The Bank of Leipsic Company. The Banks offer a range of deposit products, loans, and other products and services through branches located in Ohio, and through the Internet.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 19.353:1.0:2

3.0: ADX : Adams Diversified Equity Fund Inc. : ~ Price 17.01
Since 1929, Adams Funds has consistently helped generations of investors reach their investment goals. Adams Funds is comprised of two closed-end funds, Adams Diversified Equity Fund, In) and Adams Natural Resources Fund, Inc. The Funds are actively managed by an experienced team with a disciplined approach and have paid dividends for more than 80 years across many market cycles. The Funds are committed to paying an annual distribution rate of 6% or more, providing reliable income to long-term investors. Shares can be purchased through our transfer agent or through a broker.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 20.050:1.0:1

3.0: AEACU : Authentic Equity Acquisition Corp. Unit : ~ Price 10.13
Authentic Equity Acquisition Corp. is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company focused on acquiring and building value in one consumer company.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 10.715:1.0:2

3.0: RFM : RiverNorth Flexible Municipal Income Fund Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 14.78
The RiverNorth Flexible Municipal Income Fund, Inc. seeks to provide current income exempt from regular U.S. federal income taxes1 with a secondary objective of total return.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 13.400:1.0:2

3.0: VTRU : Vitru Limited Common Shares : ~ Price 12.29
Vitru is the leading pure distance learning education group in the postsecondary distance learning market in Brazil. Through its invested companies, Vitru provides a complete pedagogical ecosystem focused on hybrid distance learning experience for undergraduates and continuing education students. Vitru’s mission is to democratize access to education in Brazil through a digital ecosystem and empower every student to create their own successful story.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 19.830:1.0:6

3.0: ADER : 26 Capital Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock : ~ Price 11.145

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 10.700:1.0:2

3.0: VIVO : Meridian Bioscience Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 33.97
Meridian Bioscience Inc. is a fully integrated life science company that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes a broad range of innovative diagnostic products.The company is dedicated to developing and delivering better solutions that give answers with speed, accuracy and simplicity that are redefining the possibilities of life from discovery to diagnosis. Through discovery and development, Meridian provides critical life science raw materials used in immunological and molecular tests for human, animal, plant, and environmental applications. Through diagnosis, Meridian provides diagnostic solutions in areas including gastrointestinal and upper respiratory infections and blood lead level testing. The company builds relationships and provide solutions to hospitals, reference laboratories, research centers, veterinary testing centers, physician offices, diagnostics manufacturers, and biotech companies in more than 70 countries around the world.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 36.150:1.0:2

3.0: TANNI : TravelCenters of America Inc. 8.25% Senior Notes due 2028 : ~ Price 25.22

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 28.108:1.0:2

3.0: AGGRU : Agile Growth Corp. Units : ~ Price 10.20
Agile Growth Corp. is a newly incorporated blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, recapitalization, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses or entities. The Company is sponsored by Agile Growth Sponsor, LLC. While the Company may pursue an initial business combination target in any industry, it currently intends to pursue opportunities in the technology and software industry.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 10.811:1.0:2

3.0: ACTD : ArcLight Clean Transition Corp. II Class A Ordinary Share : ~ Price 10.28

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 12.162:1.0:3

3.0: ACTDU : ArcLight Clean Transition Corp. II Unit : ~ Price 10.43
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp. II is a blank check company focused on opportunities created by the accelerating transition toward sustainable use of energy and natural resources. The company is sponsored by ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC, and we are supported by Consolidated Asset Management Services, LLC.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 10.056:1.0:2

3.0: SZZL : Sizzle Acquisition Corp. Common stock : ~ Price 10.8393

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 11.188:1.0:2

3.0: HZO : MarineMax Inc. (FL) Common Stock : ~ Price 30.34
MarineMax is the world's largest recreational boat and yacht retailer, selling new and used recreational boats, yachts and related marine products and services, as well as providing yacht brokerage and charter services. MarineMax has over 100 locations worldwide, including 77 retail dealership locations, including 30 marinas or storage operations. Through Fraser Yachts and Northrop and Johnson, it is also the largest super-yacht services provider, operating 27 locations across the globe. MarineMax provides finance and insurance services through wholly owned subsidiaries and operates MarineMax Vacations in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The Company also operates Boatyard, a pioneering digital platform that enhances the boating experience.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 47.460:1.0:1

3.0: COWN : Cowen Inc. Class A Common Stock : ~ Price 38.87
Cowen is a diversified financial services firm offering investment banking services, equity and credit research, sales and trading, prime brokerage, global clearing, commission management services and actively managed alternative investment products. Cowen focuses on delivering value-added capabilities to its clients in order to help them outperform. Founded in 1918, the Company is headquartered in New York and has offices worldwide.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 41.962:1.0:6

3.0: TSN : Tyson Foods Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 47.21
Tyson Foods, Inc. is one of the world's largest food companies and a recognized leader in protein. Founded in 1935 by John W. Tyson and grown under three generations of family leadership, the Company has a broad portfolio of products and brands like Tyson®, Jimmy Dean®, Hillshire Farm®, Ball Park®, Wright®, Aidells®, ibp® and State Fair®. Tyson Foods innovates continually to make protein more sustainable, tailor food for everywhere it's available and raise the world's expectations for how much good food can do. Headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas, the Company had 139,000 team members at October 3, 2020. Through its Core Values, Tyson Foods strives to operate with integrity, create value for its shareholders, customers, communities and team members and serve as a steward of the animals, land and environment entrusted to it.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 86.980:1.0:6

3.0: AEPPZ : American Electric Power Company Inc. Corporate Units : ~ Price 49.44

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 63.729:1.0:2

3.0: FRD : Friedman Industries Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 11.57
For over 50 years Friedman Industries has helped its customers succeed by consistently providing high quality steel products at highly competitive prices with quick delivery. Founded in 1965 and headquartered in Longview, Texas, Friedman operates in two divisions: the Flat Roll Division and the Tubular Division.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 10.998:1.0:2

3.0: ACEL : Accel Entertainment Inc. : ~ Price 10.265
Accel is a leading distributed gaming operator in the United States on an Adjusted EBITDA basis, and a preferred partner for local business owners in the Illinois market. Accel's business consists of the installation, maintenance and operation of VGTs, redemption devices that disburse winnings and contain ATM functionality, and other amusement devices in authorized non-casino locations such as restaurants, bars, taverns, convenience stores, liquor stores, truck stops, and grocery stores.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 14.178:1.0:5

3.0: STVN : Stevanato Group S.p.A. Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 26.18
Founded in 1949, Stevanato Group is a leading global provider of drug containment, drug delivery and diagnostic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries. The Group delivers an integrated, end-to-end portfolio of products, processes and services that address customer needs across the entire drug life cycle at each of the development, clinical and commercial stages. Stevanato Group’s core capabilities in scientific research and development, its commitment to technical innovation and its engineering excellence are central to its ability to offer value added solutions to clients.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 20.376:1.0:6

3.0: AGIO : Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 22.65
Agios is focused on discovering and developing novel investigational medicines to treat malignant hematology, solid tumors and rare genetic diseases through scientific leadership in the field of cellular metabolism. In addition to an active research and discovery pipeline across these three therapeutic areas, Agios has two approved oncology precision medicines and multiple first-in-class investigational therapies in clinical and/or preclinical development.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 37.761:1.0:6

3.0: TX : Ternium S.A. Ternium S.A. American Depositary Shares (each representing ten shares USD1.00 par value) : ~ Price 40.20
Ternium is Latin America's leading flat steel producer, with operating facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, the southern United States and Central America. The company offers a broad range of high value-added steel products for customers active in the automotive, home appliances, HVAC, construction, capital goods, container, food and energy industries through its manufacturing facilities, service center and distribution networks, and advanced customer integration systems.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 38.837:1.0:6

3.0: PTMN : Portman Ridge Finance Corporation Common Stock : ~ Price 16.75
Portman Ridge Finance Corporation is a publicly traded, externally managed investment company that has elected to be regulated as a business development company under the Investment Company Act of 1940. Portman Ridge's middle market investment business originates, structures, finances and manages a portfolio of term loans, mezzanine investments and selected equity securities in middle market companies. Portman Ridge's investment activities are managed by its investment adviser, Sierra Crest Investment Management LLC, an affiliate of BC Partners Advisors, LP.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 26.399:1.0:5

3.0: AMCX : AMC Networks Inc. Class A Common Stock : ~ Price 15.28
AMC Networks is a global entertainment company known for its popular and critically-acclaimed content. Its portfolio of brands includes AMC, BBC AMERICA (operated through a joint venture with BBC Studios), IFC, SundanceTV, WE tv, IFC Films, and a number of fast-growing streaming services, including the AMC+ premium streaming bundle, Acorn TV, Shudder, Sundance Now and ALLBLK (formerly branded 'UMC'). AMC Studios, the Company's in-house studio, production and distribution operation, is behind award-winning owned series and franchises, including The Walking Dead, the highest-rated series in cable history. The Company also operates AMC Networks International, its international programming business, and Levity Entertainment Group, its production services and comedy venues business.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 28.313:1.0:6

3.0: VIPS : Vipshop Holdings Limited American Depositary Shares each representing two ordinary shares : ~ Price 16.26
Vipshop Holdings Limited is a leading online discount retailer for brands in China. Vipshop offers high quality and popular branded products to consumers throughout China at a significant discount to retail prices. Since it was founded in August 2008, the Company has rapidly built a sizeable and growing base of customers and brand partners.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 14.410:2.0:4

3.0: BBWI : Bath & Body Works Inc. : ~ Price 32.23
L Brands, through Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret and PINK, is an international company. The company operates 2,669 company-operated specialty stores in the United States, Canada and Greater China, in more than 700 franchised locations worldwide and through its websites worldwide.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 41.949:1.0:3

3.0: VIASP : Via Renewables Inc. 8.75% Series A Fixed-to-Floating Rate Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock : ~ Price 19.4699
Spark Energy, Inc. is an established and growing independent retail energy services company founded in 1999 that provides residential and commercial customers in competitive markets across the United States with an alternative choice for their natural gas and electricity. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Spark currently operates in 19 states and serves 100 utility territories. Spark offers its customers a variety of product and service choices, including stable and predictable energy costs and green product alternatives.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 26.292:1.0:2

3.0: BEKE : KE Holdings Inc American Depositary Shares (each representing three Class A Ordinary Shares) : ~ Price 15.81
E Holdings Inc. is the leading integrated online and offline platform for housing transactions and services. The Company is a pioneer in building the industry infrastructure and standards in China to reinvent how service providers and housing customers efficiently navigate and consummate housing transactions, ranging from existing and new home sales, home rentals, to home renovation, real estate financial solutions, and other services. The Company owns and operates Lianjia, China's leading real estate brokerage brand and an integral part of its Beike platform. With more than 18 years of operating experience through Lianjia since its inception in 2001, the Company believes the success and proven track record of Lianjia pave the way for it to build the industry infrastructure and standards and drive the rapid and sustainable growth of Beike.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 14.506:1.0:6

3.0: ABCM : Abcam plc American Depositary Shares : ~ Price 23.96

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 369.014:24.0:6

3.0: BCV : Bancroft Fund Ltd. : ~ Price 15.11
Bancroft Fund Ltd. is a closed-end, diversified management investment company and invests primarily in convertible securities, with the objectives of providing income and the potential for capital appreciation; which objectives the Fund considers to be relatively equal, over the long-term, due to the nature of the securities in which it invests.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 14.800:1.0:2

3.0: SVT : Servotronics Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 10.90
The Company is composed of two groups – the ATG and the CPG. The ATG primarily designs, develops and manufactures servo controls and other components for various commercial and government applications (i.e., aircraft, jet engines, missiles, manufacturing equipment, etc.). The CPG designs and manufactures cutlery, bayonets, pocket knives, machetes and combat knives, survival, sporting, agricultural knives and other edged products for both commercial and government applications.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 13.611:1.0:2

3.0: PSXP : Phillips 66 Partners LP Common Units representing limited partner interest in the Partnership : ~ Price 42.07
Headquartered in Houston, Phillips 66 Partners is a growth-oriented master limited partnership formed by Phillips 66 to own, operate, develop and acquire primarily fee-based crude oil, refined petroleum products and natural gas liquids pipelines, terminals and other midstream assets.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 40.058:1.0:4

Curiosity Stock Price range: $50 - $100
List of Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $50 - $100


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