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Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $0 - $1
List of Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $0 - $1
Curiosity Stocks - Price range: $1 - $5

6.0: AKLI : Akili Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.07

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 4.810:2.0:3

5.0: CETY : Clean Energy Technologies Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.71
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.205:2.0:1

5.0: KTCC : Key Tronic Corporation Common Stock : ~ Price 4.59
Key Tronic is a leading contract manufacturer offering value-added design and manufacturing services from its facilities in the United States, Mexico, China and Vietnam. The Company provides its customers full engineering services, materials management, worldwide manufacturing facilities, assembly services, in-house testing, and worldwide distribution. Its customers include some of the world's leading original equipment manufacturers.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.656:1.0:2

5.0: BGLC : BioNexus Gene Lab Corp Common stock : ~ Price 1.14
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.408:1.0:1

5.0: ASTLW : Algoma Steel Group Inc. Warrant : ~ Price 1.14
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 0.550:0.0:1

5.0: ASTSW : AST SpaceMobile Inc. Warrant : ~ Price 1.04
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 0.110:0.0:1

5.0: AVPTW : AvePoint Inc. Warrant : ~ Price 1.11
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.050:1.0:1

5.0: QD : Qudian Inc. American Depositary Shares each representing one Class A Ordinary Share : ~ Price 1.80
Qudian Inc. ('Qudian') is a leading technology platform empowering the enhancement of online consumer finance experience in China. The Company's mission is to use technology to make personalized credit accessible to hundreds of millions of young, mobile-active consumers in China who need access to small credit for their discretionary spending but are underserved by traditional financial institutions due to lack of traditional credit data or high cost of servicing. Qudian's credit solutions enable licensed, regulated financial institutions and ecosystem partners to offer affordable and customized loans to this young generation of consumers.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.921:2.0:6

5.0: ACTDW : ArcLight Clean Transition Corp. II Warrant : ~ Price 1.15

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 4.957:4.0:2

5.0: TEF : Telefonica SA Common Stock : ~ Price 4.09

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 5.495:2.0:4

4.0: PEGY : Pineapple Holdings Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.06
Communications Systems, Inc., an IoT intelligent edge products and services company, provides network infrastructure and services for global deployments of enterprise and industrial networks. CSI operates under its Electronics & Software and Services & Support operating segments. Electronics & Software segment provides smart, flexible solutions at network edge, by giving customers the ability to easily provision and proactively manage their networks with actionable insights about their edge devices and connected end points, thereby minimizing the administrative burden of the operator. Services & Support segment provides fully managed services for all aspects of design, deployment, support and maintenance of customer networks. With partners and customers in over 50 countries, CSI has built a reputation as a reliable global innovator focusing on quality and customer service.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 19.941:3.0:3

4.0: EVOL : Evolving Systems Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.08
Evolving Systems, Inc. is a provider of real-time digital engagement solutions and services to more than 100 customers in over 60 countries worldwide. The Company's portfolio includes market-leading solutions and services for real-time analytics, customer acquisition, customer value management and loyalty for telecom, retail and financial services companies. Founded in 1985, the Company has its headquarters in Englewood, Colorado, with offices in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 4.039:4.0:4

4.0: STRR : Star Equity Holdings Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.08
Star Equity Holdings, Inc. is a diversified holding company committed to growing shareholder value through operational excellence and disciplined capital allocation.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.616:3.0:6

4.0: TIRX : TIAN RUIXIANG Holdings Ltd Class A Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 1.12
TIAN RUIXIANG Holdings Ltd, headquartered in Beijing, China, is an insurance broker operating in China. It distributes a wide range of insurance products, which are categorized into two major groups: (1) property and casualty insurance, such as automobile insurance, commercial property insurance, liability insurance; and (2) life insurance, such as individual and group life insurances.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 0.830:1.0:1

4.0: WAFU : Wah Fu Education Group Limited Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 2.12
Headquartered in Beijing, China, Wah Fu Education Group Limited provides online training and exam preparation services, as well as related training materials and technology solutions for both institutions, such as universities and training institutions, and students.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.370:1.0:2

4.0: ALRN : Aileron Therapeutics Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.5801
Aileron Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is focused on enabling patients to fight cancer without the fear or burden of chemotherapy-induced side effects. The company believes selective chemoprotection has the potential to fundamentally transform chemotherapy like anesthesia transformed surgery.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.883:9.0:6

4.0: HUSN : Hudson Capital Inc. Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 1.64
Incorporated in 2014, Hudson Capital Inc. (formerly known as China Internet Nationwide Financial Services Inc. commenced its business by providing financial advisory services to small and medium size companies. The traditional business segments include commercial payment advisory, intermediary bank loan advisory and international corporate financing advisory services which help clients to meet their commercial payment and investment needs.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.060:1.0:1

4.0: AGRX : Agile Therapeutics Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 2.10
Agile Therapeutics is a forward-looking women's healthcare company dedicated to fulfilling the unmet health needs of today's women. Its product and product candidates are designed to provide women with contraceptive options that offer freedom from taking a daily pill, without committing to a longer-acting method. The Company's initial product, Twirla®, (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol), a transdermal system, is a non-daily prescription contraceptive. Twirla is based on Company's proprietary transdermal patch technology, called Skinfusion®, which is designed to allow drug delivery through the skin. The Company may occasionally disseminate material, nonpublic information on the Company's website.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.076:11.0:6

4.0: TANH : Tantech Holdings Ltd. Common Stock : ~ Price 2.02
Established in 2001 and headquartered in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, China, Tantech, together with its subsidiaries, is now, in addition to be a developer and manufacturer of bamboo-based charcoal, an innovative leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of electric vehicles. The Company has also invested in mining business in 2018 and 2019.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 0.175:1.0:2

4.0: OXSQ : Oxford Square Capital Corp. Common Stock : ~ Price 3.13
Oxford Square Capital Corp. is a publicly-traded business development company principally investing in syndicated bank loans and debt and equity tranches of collateralized loan obligation ('CLO') vehicles. CLO investments may also include warehouse facilities, which are financing structures intended to aggregate loans that may be used to form the basis of a CLO vehicle.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 4.208:1.0:4

4.0: AGEN : Agenus Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.23
Agenus is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company focused on the discovery and development of therapies that engage the body's immune system to fight cancer. The Company's vision is to expand the patient populations benefiting from cancer immunotherapy by pursuing combination approaches that leverage a broad repertoire of antibody therapeutics, adoptive cell therapies (through its AgenTus Therapeutics subsidiary), and proprietary cancer vaccine platforms. The Company is equipped with a suite of antibody discovery platforms and a state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility with the capacity to support clinical programs. Agenus is headquartered in Lexington, MA.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 6.449:3.0:6

4.0: BGCP : BGC Partners Inc Class A Common Stock : ~ Price 4.43
BGC Partners is a leading global brokerage and financial technology company. BGC specializes in the brokerage of a broad range of products, including fixed income (rates and credit), foreign exchange, equities, energy and commodities, shipping, insurance, and futures. BGC also provides a wide variety of services, including trade execution, brokerage, clearing, trade compression, post-trade, information, and other back-office services to a broad range of financial and non-financial institutions. Through brands including Fenics, BGC Trader, Capitalab, Lucera, and Fenics Market Data, BGC offers financial technology solutions, market data, and analytics related to numerous financial instruments and markets. BGC, BGC Trader, GFI, Fenics, Fenics Market Data, Capitalab, and Lucera are trademarks/service marks and/or registered trademarks/service marks of BGC Partners, Inc. and/or its affiliates.\r \r BGC's customers include many of the world's largest banks, broker-dealers, investment banks, trading firms, hedge funds, governments, corporations, and investment firms. BGC's Class A common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol 'BGCP'. BGC Partners is led by Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Howard W. Lutnick.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 6.626:2.0:6

4.0: ADVM : Adverum Biotechnologies Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.73
Adverum Biotechnologies is a clinical-stage gene therapy company targeting unmet medical needs in serious ocular and rare diseases. Adverum is advancing the clinical development of its novel gene therapy candidate, ADVM-022, as a one-time, intravitreal injection for the treatment of patients with wet age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 10.443:6.0:3

4.0: AGFY : Agrify Corporation Common Stock : ~ Price 3.20
Agrify Corporation is a developer of premium grow solutions for the indoor agriculture marketplace. Agrify uses data, science, and technology to empower its customers to be more efficient, more productive, and more intelligent about how they run their businesses. Its highly advanced and proprietary hardware and software solutions have been designed to help its customers achieve the highest quality, consistency, and yield, all at the lowest possible cost.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.034:8.0:5

4.0: ACST : Acasti Pharma Inc. Class A Common Stock : ~ Price 2.12
Acasti is a biopharmaceutical innovator that has historically focused on the research, development and commercialization of prescription drugs using OM3 fatty acids delivered both as free fatty acids and bound-to-phospholipid esters, derived from krill oil. OM3 fatty acids have extensive clinical evidence of safety and efficacy in lowering triglycerides in patients with hypertriglyceridemia, or HTG. CaPre, an OM3 phospholipid therapeutic, was being developed for patients with severe HTG.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.469:4.0:5

4.0: PBI : Pitney Bowes Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 2.88
Pitney Bowes is a global technology company providing commerce solutions that power billions of transactions. Clients around the world, including 90 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on the accuracy and precision delivered by Pitney Bowes solutions, analytics, and APIs in the areas of ecommerce fulfillment, shipping and returns; cross-border ecommerce; office mailing and shipping; presort services; and financing. For 100 years Pitney Bowes has been innovating and delivering technologies that remove the complexity of getting commerce transactions precisely right.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 5.157:2.0:6

4.0: AGMH : AGM Group Holdings Inc. Class A Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 1.64
Incorporated on April 27, 2015, AGM Group Holdings Inc. (“AGMH”) is a financial technology company and financial solutions provider, focused on delivering innovative trading platform solutions and financial technologies. The company strives to become a one-stop solution provider that focuses on providing financial technology service to clients.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.215:1.0:2

4.0: TCS : Container Store (The) Common Stock : ~ Price 2.17
The Container Store Group, Inc. is the nation’s leading retailer of storage and organization products and solutions – a concept they originated in 1978. Today, with locations nationwide, the retailer offers more than 11,000 products designed to help customers accomplish projects, maximize their space and make the most of their home. The Container Store also offers a full suite of custom closets designed to accommodate all sizes, styles and budgets.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 8.832:1.0:6

4.0: ABEV : Ambev S.A. American Depositary Shares (Each representing 1 Common Share) : ~ Price 2.72

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.664:1.0:5

3.0: BEDU : Bright Scholar Education Holdings Limited American Depositary Shares each representing one Class A Ordinary Share : ~ Price 1.01
Bright Scholar is a global premier education service company, dedicated to providing quality international education to global students and equipping them with the critical academic foundation and skillsets necessary to succeed in the pursuit of higher education. Bright Scholar also complements its international offerings with Chinese government-mandated curriculum for students who wish to maintain the option of pursuing higher education in China. As of November 30, 2020, Bright Scholar operated 94 schools across twelve provinces in Chinaand eight schools overseas, covering the breadth of K-12 academic needs of its students.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.738:2.0:5

3.0: AHG : Akso Health Group ADS : ~ Price 1.04
Xiaobai Maimai Inc., formerly known as Hexindai Inc., is a social e-commerce platform based in Beijing, China. The Company collaborates with domestic e-commerce platforms and offers users a wide selection of high-quality and affordable products on its new social e-commerce platform. Leveraging its cooperation with mainstream e-commerce platforms and services marketplaces, and its data analytics algorithm and operating system, the Company continues to identify and introduce cost-efficient products and attract users to its platform and generate higher user satisfaction to realize the platform’s fast growth.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 0.635:1.0:2

3.0: PLBY : PLBY Group Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.07

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 9.030:3.0:6

3.0: VORB : Virgin Orbit Holdings Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.09

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 8.936:2.0:3

3.0: OXBR : Oxbridge Re Holdings Limited Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 1.10
Oxbridge Re is a Cayman Islands exempted company that was organized in April 2013 to provide reinsurance business solutions primarily to property and casualty insurers in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. Through Oxbridge Re's licensed reinsurance subsidiaries, Oxbridge Reinsurance Limited and Oxbridge RE NS, it writes fully collateralized policies to cover property losses from specified catastrophes. Oxbridge Re specializes in underwriting medium frequency, high severity risks, where it believes sufficient data exists to analyze effectively the risk/return profile of reinsurance contracts. The company's ordinary shares and warrants trade on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbols 'OXBR ' and 'OXBRW,' respectively. The company's ordinary shares are included in the Russell Microcap Index.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 5.859:3.0:4

3.0: OSA : ProSomnus Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.11

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 5.100:1.0:2

3.0: ALPP : Alpine 4 Holdings Inc. Class A Common Stock : ~ Price 1.12

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.035:3.0:5

3.0: ALLR : Allarity Therapeutics Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.13

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.306:3.0:5

3.0: GRFX : Graphex Group Limited American Depositary Shares each American Depositary Share representing 20 Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 1.23

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 0.725:1.0:2

3.0: SWAG : Software Acquisition Group Inc. III Class A Common Stock : ~ Price 1.24

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 12.100:1.0:1

3.0: AATC : Autoscope Technologies Corporation Common Stock : ~ Price 3.80

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 4.272:1.0:2

3.0: AACG : ATA Creativity Global American Depositary Shares : ~ Price 1.18
ATA is focused on providing quality educational experiences and services for students throughout China and abroad. ATA aims to offer online, on-campus, and other education programs through a network of global education partners.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 10.098:4.0:5

3.0: AERC : AeroClean Technologies Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 3.21

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 6.870:1.0:5

3.0: PSHG : Performance Shipping Inc. Common Shares : ~ Price 1.87
Performance Shipping Inc. is a global shipping company specializing in the ownership of tanker vessels.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.136:8.0:3

3.0: GNS : Genius Group Limited Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 1.20

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 7.396:3.0:3

3.0: GSRMU : GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp. Unit : ~ Price 3.88

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 12.290:1.0:1

3.0: RBCN : Rubicon Technology Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.43

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 4.445:2.0:4

3.0: EVTL : Vertical Aerospace Ltd. Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 1.72
Vertical Aerospace is pioneering electric aviation. The company was founded in 2016 by Stephen Fitzpatrick, an established entrepreneur best known as the founder of the Ovo Group, a leading energy and technology group and Europe’s largest independent energy retailer. Over the past five years, Vertical has focused on building the most experienced and senior team in the eVTOL industry, who have over 1,700 combined years of engineering experience, and have certified and supported over 30 different civil and military aircraft and propulsion systems. Vertical’s top-tier partner ecosystem is expected to de-risk operational execution and its pathway to certification, allow for a lean cost structure and enable production at scale. Vertical has receivedconditional pre-orders for a total of up to 1,350 aircraft from American Airlines, Avolon, Bristow and Iberojet, which includes conditional pre-order options from Virgin Atlantic and Marubeni, and in doing so, is creating multiple potential near term and actionable routes to market.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 10.015:1.0:2

3.0: SYTA : Siyata Mobile Inc. Common Shares : ~ Price 2.66
Siyata Mobile Inc. is a Business-to-Business (B2B) global vendor of next generation Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices and cellular booster systems. Its portfolio of in-vehicle and rugged smartphones enable first responders and enterprise workers to instantly communicate, over a nationwide cellular network of choice, to improve communication, increase situational awareness and save lives.\r \r Its portfolio of enterprise cellular booster systems enables first responders and enterprise workers to amplify its cellular signal in remote areas, inside structural buildings where signals are weak and within vehicles for maximum cellular signal strength possible.\r \r Siyata's common shares trade on the Nasdaq under the symbol 'SYTA' and its warrants under 'SYTAW'.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.765:17.0:2

3.0: NISN : NiSun International Enterprise Development Group Co. Ltd. Class A Common Shares : ~ Price 2.7599
Nisun International Enterprise Development Group Co., Ltd is a technology-driven, integrated supply chain solutions provider focused on transforming the corporate finance industry. Leveraging its rich industry experience, Nisun is dedicated to providing professional supply chain solutions to Chinese and foreign enterprises and financial institutions. Through its subsidiaries, Nisun provides users with professional solutions for technology supply chain management, technology asset routing, and digital transformation of tech and finance institutions, enabling the industry to strengthen and grow. At the same time, Nisun continues to deepen the field of industry segmentation through industrial and financial integration, by cultivating/creating an ecosystem of openness and empowerment. Nisun has built a linked platform that incorporates supply chain, banking, securities, trust, insurance, funds, state-owned enterprises, among other businesses. Focusing on industry-finance linkages, Nisun aims to serve the upstream and downstream of the industrial supply chain while also assisting with supply-side sub-sector reform.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 0.500:1.0:2

3.0: ENZ : Enzo Biochem Inc. Common Stock ($0.01 Par Value) : ~ Price 1.42
Enzo Biochem is a pioneer in molecular diagnostics, leading the convergence of clinical laboratories, life sciences and intellectual property through the development of unique diagnostic platform technologies that provide numerous advantages over previous standards. A global company, Enzo Biochem utilizes cross-functional teams to develop and deploy products, systems and services that meet the ever-changing and rapidly growing needs of health care today and into the future. Underpinning Enzo Biochem's products and technologies is a broad and deep intellectual property portfolio, with patent coverage across a number of key enabling technologies.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.765:1.0:3

3.0: TURN : 180 Degree Capital Corp. Common Stock : ~ Price 4.32
180 Degree Capital Corp. is a publicly traded registered closed-end fund focused on investing in and providing value-added assistance through constructive activism to what it believes are substantially undervalued small, publicly traded companies that have potential for significant turnarounds. Its goal is that the result of its constructive activism leads to a reversal in direction for the share price of these investee companies, i.e., a 180-degree turn.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 6.183:1.0:3

3.0: AMBP : Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A. Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 3.39
Ardagh Metal Packaging is a leading global supplier of infinitely recyclable, sustainable, metal beverage cans and ends to brand owners. A subsidiary of Ardagh’s sustainable packaging business, AMP is a leading industry player across Europe and the Americas with innovative production capabilities. AMP operates 23 production facilities in nine countries, employing close to 5,000 employees and had sales of approximately $3.5 billion in 2020.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 6.590:1.0:5

3.0: RKDA : Arcadia Biosciences Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 4.08
Arcadia Biosciences is a leader in science-based approaches to enhancing the quality and nutritional value of crops and food ingredients. The company's GoodWheat™ branded ingredients deliver health benefits to consumers and enable consumer packaged goods companies to differentiate their brands in the marketplace. The company's GoodHemp™ seed catalog delivers genetically superior hemp seeds, transplants and extracts, applying the company's proprietary crop innovation technology, ArcaTech™, to an emerging crop.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.650:4.0:6

3.0: PRFX : PainReform Ltd. Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 4.28
PainReform is a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the reformulation of established therapeutics. PRF-110, the Company's lead product, is based on the local anesthetic ropivacaine, targeting the post-operative pain relief market. PRF-110 is an oil-based, viscous, clear solution that is deposited directly into the surgical wound bed prior to closure to provide localized and extended post-operative analgesia. The Company's proprietary extended-release drug-delivery system is designed to provide an extended period of post-surgical pain relief without the need for repeated dose administration while reducing the potential need for the use of opiates.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.000:4.0:1

3.0: SB : Safe Bulkers Inc Common Stock ($0.001 par value) : ~ Price 3.07

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 4.603:1.0:6

3.0: FATBW : FAT Brands Inc. Warrant : ~ Price 4.02

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 6.950:1.0:1

3.0: PCTI : PCTEL Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 4.28
PCTEL is a leading global provider of wireless technology, including purpose-built Industrial IoT devices, antenna systems, and test and measurement solutions.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 7.497:2.0:5

3.0: NH : NantHealth Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.45
NantHealth, a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, provides enterprise solutions that help businesses transform complex data into actionable insights. By offering efficient ways to move, interpret, and visualize complex and highly sensitive information, NantHealth helps its customers in healthcare, life sciences, logistics, telecommunications, and other industries, to automate, understand, and act on data while keeping it secure and scalable.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.000:4.0:2

3.0: ACET : Adicet Bio Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.69
Adicet Bio, Inc. is a biotechnology company discovering and developing allogeneic gamma delta T cell therapies for cancer and other diseases. Adicet is advancing a pipeline of 'off-the-shelf' gamma delta T cells, engineered with chimeric antigen receptors and T cell receptor-like antibodies to enhance selective tumor targeting, facilitate innate and adaptive anti-tumor immune response, and improve persistence for durable activity in patients.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 24.537:2.0:5

3.0: ROVRW : Rover Group Inc. Warrant : ~ Price 2.71

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.938:1.0:2

3.0: AEG : AEGON N.V. Common Stock : ~ Price 4.86

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 5.330:1.0:5

3.0: SYPR : Sypris Solutions Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.94
Sypris Solutions is a diversified provider of truck components, oil and gas pipeline components and aerospace and defense electronics. The Company produces a wide range of manufactured products, often under multi-year, sole-source contracts.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.768:1.0:4

3.0: AGFS : AgroFresh Solutions Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 2.99
AgroFresh Solutions Inc. is an AgTech innovator and global leader with a mission to prevent food loss/waste and conserve the planet's resources by providing a range of science-based solutions, data-driven digital technologies and high-touch customer services. AgroFresh supports growers, packers and retailers with solutions across the food supply chain to enhance the quality and extend the shelf life of fresh produce. The AgroFresh organization has 40 years of post-harvest experience across a broad range of crops, including revolutionizing the apple industry with the SmartFresh™ Quality System for more than 20 years. This is powered by a comprehensive portfolio that includes plant-based coatings, equipment and proprietary solutions that help improve the freshness supply chain from harvest to the home.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 3.053:2.0:6

3.0: SIFY : Sify Technologies Limited American Depositary Shares : ~ Price 2.13
Sify Technologies is India’s most comprehensive ICT service & solution provider. With Cloud at the core of the company's solutions portfolio, Sify is focused on the changing ICT requirements of the emerging digital economy and the resultant demands from large, mid, and small-sized businesses.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 4.458:3.0:5

3.0: XYF : X Financial American Depositary Shares each representing six Class A Ordinary Shares : ~ Price 4.27
X Financial (the 'Company') is a leading technology-driven personal finance company in Chinafocused on meeting the huge demand for credit from individuals and small-to-medium-sized enterprise owners. The Company's proprietary big data-driven risk control system, WinSAFE, builds risk profiles of prospective borrowers using a variety data-driven credit assessment methodology to accurately evaluate a borrower's value, payment capability, payment attitude and overall creditworthiness. X Financial has established a strategic partnership with ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. in multiple areas of its business operations to directly complement its cutting-edge risk management and credit assessment capabilities. ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. provides credit insurance on X Financial's investment products which significantly enhances investor confidence and allows the Company to attract a diversified and low-cost funding base from individuals, enterprises and financial institutions to support its growth. X Financial leverages financial technology to provide convenient, efficient, and secure investment services to a wide range of high-quality borrowers and mass affluent investors which complements traditional financial institutions and helps to promote the development of inclusive finance in China.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.045:1.0:4

3.0: SY : So-Young International Inc. American Depository Shares : ~ Price 1.25
So-Young International Inc. ('So-Young' or the 'Company') is the largest and most vibrant social community in China for consumers, professionals and service providers in the medical aesthetics industry. The Company presents users with reliable information through offering high quality and trustworthy content together with a multitude of social functions on its platform, as well as by curating medical aesthetic service providers that are carefully selected and vetted. Leveraging So-Young's strong brand image, extensive audience reach, trust from its users, highly engaging social community and data insights, the Company is well-positioned to expand both along the medical aesthetic industry value chain and into the massive, fast-growing consumption healthcare service market.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 2.002:3.0:4

3.0: ALR : AlerisLife Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.31
Five Star Senior Living (FVE) is a senior living and rehabilitation and wellness services company. As of Sept. 30, 2020, FVE operated 263 senior living communities (30,544 living units) located in 31 states, including 239 communities (28,232 living units) that it managed and 24 communities (2,312 living units) that it owned or leased. FVE operates communities that include independent living, assisted living, continuing care retirement and skilled nursing communities. Additionally, FVE's rehabilitation and wellness services segment includes Ageility Physical Therapy SolutionsTM, or Ageility, a division of FVE, which provides rehabilitation and wellness services within FVE communities as well as to external customers. As of Sept. 30, 2020, Ageility operated 209 outpatient rehabilitation clinics and 40 inpatient rehabilitation clinics. FVE is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.512:1.0:5

3.0: BEEMW : Beam Global Warrant : ~ Price 3.50

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 13.520:1.0:2

3.0: BEST : BEST Inc. American Depositary Shares each representing one Class A Ordinary Share : ~ Price 2.41
BEST Inc. is a leading integrated smart supply chain solutions and logistics services provider in China. Through its proprietary technology platform and extensive networks, BEST offers a comprehensive set of logistics and value-add services, including express and freight delivery, supply chain management and last-mile services, truckload service brokerage, international logistics and financial services. BEST's mission is to empower business and enrich life by leveraging technology and business model innovation to create a smarter, more efficient supply chain.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 1.943:1.0:3

3.0: AENZ : Aenza S.A.A. American Depositary Shares : ~ Price 2.4015

_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 0.868:1.0:3

3.0: POWW : AMMO Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 2.07
With its corporate offices headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. AMMO designs and manufactures products for a variety of aptitudes, including law enforcement, military, sport shooting and self-defense. The Company was founded in 2016 with a vision to change, innovate and invigorate the complacent munitions industry. AMMO promotes branded munitions as well as its patented STREAK™ Visual Ammunition, /stelTH/™ subsonic munitions, and armor piercing rounds for military use.
_ Company Web Site ____________ Summary Pages ____________ 6.804:2.0:6

3.0: SRTS : Sensus Healthcare Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 2.84
Sensus Healthcare, Inc. is a medical device company specializing in highly effective, non-invasive, minimally-invasive and cost-effective treatments for both oncological and non-oncological conditions. The Sculptura™ modulated robotic brachytherapy radiation oncology system provides targeted Directional Anisotropic Radiation Therapy (ART) and Brachytherapy utilizing its proprietary, state-of-the-art 3D Beam Sculpting™ to treat patients undergoing cancer treatment during surgery, or at the tumor site, fast and efficiently. Sensus also offers its proprietary low-energy X-ray technology known as superficial radiation therapy (SRT), which is the culmination of more than a decade of research and development, to treat non-melanoma skin cancers and keloids with its SRT-100™, SRT-100+™ and SRT-100 Vision™ systems. With its portfolio of innovative medical device products, Sensus provides revolutionary treatment options to enhance the quality of life of patients around the world.
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3.0: AESE : Allied Esports Entertainment Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 1.27
Allied Esports Entertainment, Inc. is a global leader in esports entertainment, providing innovative infrastructure, transformative live experiences, multiplatform content and interactive services to audiences worldwide through its strategic fusion of two powerful brands: Allied Esports and the World Poker Tour (WPT).
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3.0: FCRD : First Eagle Alternative Capital BDC Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 4.69

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3.0: BDN : Brandywine Realty Trust Common Stock : ~ Price 4.96
Brandywine Realty Trust is a real estate investment trust that invests in office buildings in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Austin. As of December 31, 2019, the company owned interests in 173 properties containing 24.3 million net rentable square feet.
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3.0: AIKI : AIkido Pharma Inc. Common Stock : ~ Price 3.65
AIkido Pharma Inc. was initially formed in 1967 and is a biotechnology company with a diverse portfolio of small-molecule anti-cancer therapeutics. The Company's platform consists of patented technology from leading universities and researchers and we are currently in the process of developing an innovative therapeutic drug platform through strong partnerships with world renowned educational institutions, including The University of Texas at Austin and Wake Forest University. Our diverse pipeline of therapeutics includes therapies for pancreatic cancer, acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). In addition, we are constantly seeking to grow our pipeline to treat unmet medical needs in oncology. The Company is also developing a broad-spectrum antiviral platform that may potentially inhibit replication of multiple viruses including Influenza virus, SARS-CoV (coronavirus), MERS-CoV, Ebolavirus and Marburg virus.
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3.0: BCTXW : BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. Warrant : ~ Price 2.37

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3.0: ACY : AeroCentury Corp. Common Stock : ~ Price 2.89
AeroCentury is an aircraft operating lessor and finance company specializing in leasing regional aircraft and engines utilizing triple net leases. The Company’s aircraft and engines are leased to regional airlines and commercial users worldwide.
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3.0: AKTX : Akari Therapeutics plc ADS : ~ Price 3.7399
Akari is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing inhibitors of acute and chronic inflammation, specifically for the treatment of rare and orphan diseases, in particular those where the complement (C5) or leukotriene (LTB4) systems, or both complement and leukotrienes together, play a primary role in disease progression. Akari's lead drug candidate, nomacopan (formerly known as Coversin), is a C5 complement inhibitor that also independently and specifically inhibits leukotriene B4 (LTB4) activity.
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3.0: ACHV : Achieve Life Sciences Inc. Common Shares : ~ Price 4.76
Tobacco use is currently the leading cause of preventable death that is responsible for more than eight million deaths worldwide. and nearly half a million deaths in the U.S. annually.12 More than 87% of lung cancer deaths, 61% of all pulmonary disease deaths, and 32% of all deaths from coronary heart disease are attributable to smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.\r Achieve's focus is to address the global smoking health and nicotine addiction epidemic through the development and commercialization of cytisinicline. Cytisinicline is a plant-based alkaloid with a high binding affinity to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. It is believed to aid in smoking cessation by interacting with nicotine receptors in the brain by reducing the severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms and by reducing the reward and satisfaction associated with smoking.
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